Referring Patients

The goal of the FitSTEPS for Life® cancer rehabilitation program is to:

  • Improve survival up to 50% in common cancers
  • Increase the quality of life for survivors
  • Mitigation of chemotherapy side effects including fatigue and nausea.
  • Educate patients about the role and importance of exercise in cancer treatment
  • Improve functional capacity
  • Alleviate and lessen cancer treatment symptoms
  • Identify, modify and manage risk factors to reduce side effects, co-morbidities and mortality
  • Enhance independence

What is FitSTEPS for Life® to your patient:

  • Medically supervised
  • No cost to the patient
  • Evidence-based practice guidelines
  • Certified cancer exercise professionals supervise the individualized exercises
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Blood pressure measurement prior and after each session
  • Continuous monitor of oxygen levels and pulse during exercise if needed
  • Monitored progressive exercise/activity
  • Individualized program, typically 3x/week, for the lifetime of the patient
  • Physician referral required

Patient Eligibility

  • All cancer patients are eligible during and following treatment
  • Any type or stage of cancer or severity of disability
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Have had a cancer diagnosis
  • Able to provide transportation to a center location
  • If not able to regularly attend an exercise facility, a home program is designed for the patient
  • Cancer participants can be newly diagnosed, in treatment or remission
  • Caregivers are encourage to participate in the program with the referred cancer patient

How to Write the Prescription

Simply download and sign the attached referral form and either the patient or your staff can fax it to the number on the form, or to our toll-free fax number 877-931-7975.