Included with the Program

Oncologist-Developed Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Our program, developed in 2001, is one of the first cancer rehabilitation programs in the United States. Research conducted with FitSTEPS for Life® participants confirmed the overwhelming benefits of including exercise as a part of cancer treatment. This research is published in peer-reviewed professional journals. As a FitSTEPS for Life® provider, along with Baylor Scott & White and several Texas Oncology Cancer centers, your facility will be at the forefront of this cutting-edge initiative to incorporate exercise into the cancer care continuum.

FitSTEPS for Life® Custom Software

In 2011, CFFL Administration developed and implemented a customized software component to make all exercise facilities “paperless” and provide a common database for all participant activity including research data. Today, facility staff members are able to utilize the software in many capacities including scheduling patients, tracking exercise sessions, monitoring the activity at each FSFL facility, storing contact information and building reports, as well as incorporating home-based exercise program components for geographically isolated patients. Our web-based software creates a seamless resource for collaborating institutions to access research data for statistical analysis, regardless of geographic location. Having all of this information in one centralized location with HIPAA-compliant confidentiality effectively streamlines communications between staff members, participants and physicians.

Exercise and Nutrition Components

Fully developed, comprehensive exercise and nutrition components easily modified for all levels of ability. Included is our copyrighted exercise and nutrition manual developed by Dr. Gary Kimmel and certified nutritionist Ruth Ann Carpenter, MS, RD, LD, author of Active Living Every Day.

Research Collaboration

Cancer Foundation For Life® fosters research collaboration with the goal of improving outcomes for cancer survivors. As a FitSTEPS for Life® provider, your team can collaborate in research projects. CFFL is engaged with dynamic researchers, community leaders, medical institutions, and policy makers. Collaborative members respect the knowledge that each partner brings to the discussion so that together they can address the complex problems facing cancer survivors.

Clinical Staff and Facility Management

  • Degreed in Exercise Science/Health Related Field
  • Management and Training of Facility Staff
  • Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Employee and Volunteer Handbooks
  • Training Manuals
  • Software and Administrative Support

Academic Collaboration

Cancer Foundation For Life® collaborates with academic institutions in the cities it serves to provide students educational and career opportunities.

Marketing Materials

On an ongoing basis, Cancer Foundation For Life® will continue to increase brand awareness and support your efforts in the area of marketing, visibility, and center location, as well as provide collateral materials.