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The first and only cancer rehabilitation program in the United States that is free to patients for their lifetime

FitSTEPS for Life® is the only known evidence-based cancer rehabilitation program in the United States that is free, community-based and achieves unprecedented immediate benefits for cancer survivors—from diagnosis to post treatment.

The program was designed and developed by retired oncologist Gary T. Kimmel, M.D. in 2001. For 45 years Dr. Kimmel has treated and healed people living with cancer. The first 30 of these years he practiced medical oncology and hematology—treating the disease. For the remaining years, Dr. Kimmel began his second journey—healing the debilitating symptoms of the patient. His clinical experience convinced him that exercise should be an integral component of cancer care.

Shortly after his retirement in 2001, Dr. Kimmel founded Cancer Foundation For Life® and started developing a ground-breaking cancer rehabilitation program that evolved into FitSTEPS for Life® exercise and nutrition program.