Welcome to Cancer Foundation For Life®

Providing FitSTEPS for Life®

Cancer. Hearing those words from a doctor is life changing. The prospect of enduring cancer treatment, its associated side effects, and the uncertainty of the outcome is overwhelming.

The Cancer Foundation For Life® provides cancer patients with the tools to transform a life of lost hope. The program empowers patients to experience an enriched life with new meaning, a sense of value and renewed hope and peace.

The Cancer Foundation For Life® is unique in providing cancer patients with immediate help wherever they are in their cancer treatment experience.

Since 2001, the organization has grown to operate 14 locations in East Texas and the Dallas Metroplex. More than 10,300 patients have exercised in the FitSTEPS for Life® program during their cancer rehabilitation journey.

If you learned there was a wonder drug that could save your life, would you take it? Would you invest in this drug that increases cancer survival by 50 percent? That extraordinary drug is exercise.

We, at The Cancer Foundation For Life® have been administering this drug for more than 12 years. Through our FREE and LIMITLESS FitSTEPS for Life® program we have seen that exercise delivers unprecedented and immediate benefits to cancer patients both emotionally and physically. We TRANSFORM cancer patients one step at a time.